Tuesday, March 20, 2012

When will the IRS fix their automated FEIN registration

If you register companies as I do, you need to simultaneously provide them with a Federal ID number ("FEIN").  The process used to be simple and easy.  You could do it on-line with a minimum amount of expertise.

For the last two weeks, however, the IRS on-line FEIN application has not worked.  I complain and all I get is an automated response.  It is very frustrating. I cannot believe I am the only one in America who has been put off by this system failure.

Of course, there is always the option of doing a manual application over the phone, if you happen to have three free hours to sit and wait for a live human voice.  Then, of course, they dink you on any little technicality.  Its probably how the IRS got their bad reputation in the first place.

I, however, have had no complaints about the Service in the last few years... until now.  Hopefully, this is nothing more than a "tax season" snafu.  If it represents deeper issues within the Service, we who are forced to occasionally rely on them may be in for a return to "a new dark age" to quote Winston Churchill.

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